23 December 2011

killing 3 birds with one stone

OK, the title doesn't really make much sense but I've been sitting trying to think of one for ages to no avail so this will have to do! Anyway....hey! A bit of a round-up of the last two days is coming your way with this post-I have a lot to talk about!
Firstly, my manicure of the moment (done for me by a friend of mine) :

Red Calvin Klein nail polish w/black spots and stick-om heart decoration.
This is an awful picture, my hand really isn't that pale and wrinkly, honest! Anyway, with a stunning manicure must come a stunning outfit and so here is todays ('stunning' isn't quite the word, but still....) :

A bit of a rocky, gothic feel for todays outfit. It doesn't really come across in this picture unfortunately though! The top (no idea where it's from) looks multi-coloured but is really just plain black with little white stars - a fave top of mine! I paired this with a plain blue cardi (New Look), shorts (no idea) and VERY sparkly tights (Gap...i think), which again you can't see in this pic! Oh well!
Also I have 2 outfits from the last 2days to show you....outfit number 1:

This outfit was all about mixing pattern and colour. I just picked the most patterned items in my cupboard and hoped they would work together! Turtle-neck-Italy      Jumper-Next     Belt-Next     Scarf -dunno        Trousers-Next

And the 3rd and final outfit.....

This was a pretty average outfit with a modern twist that totally added a new spark of excitement! Woah, that was well cheesy........
Top-Beneton      Jumper-Debenhams       Jeggings-H&M      Socks-dunno
Black and white stripes seem to be all the range at the moment as they are worn by the stunning Amanda (from the band Cover Drive) in her new video for their new song Twilight.

If you can't be bothered with the song, firstly, what is wrong with you, this song is amazing and secondly head to 2:42 as that is where her black and white stripes are featured! This girl has a figure to die for and this dress just highlights it even more! Love it!
Speaking of Twilight.......just noticed how incredible Bella's wedding dress is in it and OMG how did I not notice it before??!! (Probably because I haven't seen the movie.....) It is gorge!!!! (See what I did there...so smoothly from one Twilight to another!)

Carolina Herrera dress

O. M. G.
To cute for words.

Happy Christmas Everyone! 


  1. Nice post :) that manicure is fantastic :) xoxo

  2. Merry Christmas to you too, dear :) xoxo

  3. LOVE the Carolina Herrera dress, it's beautiful! I love your pattern and colour outfit (although I love them all really)....and, I HAVE THOSE SOCKS!!!!! (the stripy ones!!!) xxxxx


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