21 December 2011

fashionista of 2011 : anna dello russo

The highlights:

This women is magical-she has somehow managed to make all these big colours come together as one AND make a big fashion impression. To think of pairing a bright pink clutch, bright red leggings and statement Prada shoes with a jacket like this is genius! I love the black banding around the jacket as well. 

This is a very hip and modern jacket-dress with a statement colour in the piping and stroppy heels that really brighten up the outfit and contrast with the black.  I love the figure of the dress and think her minimalist approach has really worked. Stunning.

I love this jackets mixed texture, pattern and colour. New and completely original. Though the material looks slightly like my curtains at home, she has still managed to pull it off! The belt enhances her figure and adds shape but because of its minimal colour doesn't take anything away from the actual jacket.

Don't think for a moment that Anna can only work with jackets! Oh no, she can style with dresses too! The black brings a fresh feel to gothic style as the ruffles are slightly more girly. Anna obviously loves to match as the boots and sunglasses keep to the limited colour scheme but still give a great impact. I love her earrings here too.

Oh, how it glitters! The pattern is excellent and the coordination of the outfit make her look like a proper working-women! The long trousers that shield her feet really catch your eye. Plus the added excitement of more matching sunglasses.........and more brilliant earrings! 

The beautiful material here really adds sheen to the outfit. The dress is cleverly designed and the pastel colours are really on trend. Her heels and clutch are very cute also. No sunglasses this time though, Anna??

Again the jacket and trouser combo - Anna's signature look, it seems. This time it's an eye-popping yellow colour. The use of various shades here really work. The jacket, gloves and trousers are all slightly different colours so as each individual element catches your eye instead of the whole outfit as one.  Another well accessorised outfit too.

Need I even comment? The outfit does the talking-a real fashion statement!
A worthy winner of the title of 'fashionista of the year', are we agreed? Which outfit was your favourite? Please tell me! Xx

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