20 December 2011

catch up

Heyyy! Loving the holidays as it means I can choose all my own clothes....every day! I haven't managed to post the weekends outfits yet, so here they are now....
The first one....

Sorry about the picture quality, I'm still having to use the computer! This outfit was minimalist and smart. I wore it for a trip into town, the idea was that it would be smart and stylish without looking that I was going to a party or still at school1 It was surprisingly hard to get the right balance! The jeans (Italy-TrnGirl) gave a more casual feel while the jumper (Zara) and polo-neck (Italy-TrnGirl) smartened it up bit and gave the outfit a high-fashion twist! A gold necklace added a touch of class.

Second outfit....

I took a much more casual approach to this outfit. I layered a white vest under a fab orange t-shirt and added a plain white cardigan (anyone recognise it?!) ]. The socks, trouser and shoes combo came about by chance. I was just going to wear my cropped trousers with a pair of boots and wear the socks underneath so the tight end of the trousers didn't hurt my legs. I then decided that the stripy socks actually looked pretty cool, maybe I shouldn't cover them up.......!! I added Converse to match the trousers and 'hey presto!' I have a cool twist on a pretty average outfit!

And to finish, my current manicure....!

With a bright colour like this you can't afford to have any mess or chips. Oh wait, I'm on the 3rd day and I see a chip (:O)!! I love this colour though and it looks great with a plain top-coat to give it that little bit of extra shine!
(By the way, I didn't choose to wear this sports hoodie as a fashion statement! I was at a sports camp and jewellery and basically anything fashionable wasn't really under regulations! I do love this hoodie though! A guilty pleasure!) Xx

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